We've collected some of the best technicians, baristas, roasters and hospo gods over the years, and grown our team for culture and fit first, technical skills second.
Meet us below!



The brains and brawn behind the whole operation, Eyre Roasted was the culmination of years of dreaming whilst grinding out the regular jobs. 
A specialist through and through, Dave is the quality control of everything from the beans, to training our roasters, to the daily playlist in the roastery (we know it's gonna be a big day when Biggie is on repeat). Fiercely loyal and independant but with a soft gooey centre, Dave's a classic Cancer Sun Pisces Rising.
Favourite Shoes: Some rare Nikes from the 90s.
Current Coffee Order: Our camping pour over bags even though he has access to all types of coffee.


If Dave is the brains and the brawn, then Cat is definitely the steady ship in the storm making sure our team stays on track. The other half of the founding team, Cat is the face of Eyre Roasted and the one making sure we get our regular caffeine and fruit intake (her snacks are legendary). Soon to be head of our customer facing venue, she is the bright spark in a sometimes sea of caffeine-induced anxiety - always up for a chat. It shouldn't surprise us that she is a Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising, as her passion and calmness is what keeps us all sane.

Favourite Shoes: Nikes in a pastel colourway

Current Coffee Order: A lukewarm oat latte that she only gets after making the rest of the team their coffees.


As our Head Roaster, barista-trainer extraordinaire and all round coffee specialist - Mel has been manning our two roasters almost daily for the past 3 years. Starting as Daves apprentice, she really epitomises the whole apprentice-becoming-the-master vibe, as she keeps our roasts top notch and consistent, as well as delivering high level barista education and training. Either starting or finishing her day with a surf, she's a pocket rocket fuelled by too much coffee, kombucha and sometimes a handful of nuts. Says a lot really.

Favourite Shoes: Barefoot ideally, Mums Doc Martins to work.

Current Coffee Order: 3 filters, 10 cupping coffees that should be spat into a spittoon, 1 double shot oat latte, and 2 afternoon cold brews. 


An absolute legend in general - Jemma is in charge of all our sales, marketing and copywriting, and understands her job will soon be replaced by ChatGPT so is attempting to be edgy and cool to remain relevant. The hospo blood runs thick, with several venues started, grown and exited in her 20s. Too bad that resulted in a high functioning anxiety, hyper-fixation and a need to say "behind" when passing strangers on the street. Being able to relate to our wholesale customers and share some tricks of the trade has earnt her the reputation of being somewhat of a "smooth-talker" - luckily the rest of the team can back it up with actual technical knowledge.

Favourite Shoes: Platform docs to overpower Dave.

Current Coffee Order: Anything filter - that is what's trending right?


We like working with like-minded businesses and chill people -
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