Our team is made up of roasters, baristas and cafe pros - and we take our coffee education seriously!

If you are a barista and use our coffee (or even if you don't, we ain't gatekeeping!) and are looking for deeper information on how to pull the perfect shot, adjust your dose weight, keep your workflow tight, texture milk like a pro and keep your machine super clean - then check out our Barista Training Guide videos below.

If you love the content and want more - hit us up for our Training Guide PDFs. Send us an email or reach out via the vids!



Setting Up + Seasoning Your Machine

Dialling In Your Grinder Part 1 - Adjusting The Grind 

Dialling In Your Grinder Part 2 - Adjusting The Dose Weight

Making A Coffee Part 1 - Pouring a Shot

Making A Coffee Part 2 - Texturing Milk

Cleaning Down Your Machine

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