Although we became an official trading business in 2015, Eyre Roasted was born out of many years of research, trial and error, tasting, perfecting and dialling in by Dave and Cat. 

A love for community, grassroots business and the desire to create the best damn locally roasted beans led them down the path of small batch roasting on the OG 5kg Garanti powerhouse out of their shed, slowly building traction, wholesale customers and perfecting their blends.

After landing the hottest cafe in town, Dave and Cat worked with the baristas directly to form what is now our main consistent roast - The 4 Bean Blend (more on that origin story here!) and this really tipped the scales into the iteration of Eyre Roasted. In 2018 they expanded to work alongside Beer Garden Brewing in their warehouse, resulting in larger production, being able to chat to customers directly, and have a larger presence. This was when the team and product line expanded - and the dream of one day having our own site became more of a legitimate concept. Blends like West Is Best and our single origin Top Notch have boomed along the far West Coast and inland of the EP, and we also became a permanent feature in the bean section of every Drakes and IGA Supermarkets in South Australia.

Fast forward to 2022 - and we were able to finally make the move into our own 3000+ square metre space; a huge warehouse, roastery and outdoor space on New West Road in Port Lincoln. Production and the team (and the now 25kg roaster!) has grown to fill the space, and in 2023 we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to begin to open the first of several customer facing venues. 

Throughout the whole growth process, Eyre Roasted has maintained it's grassroots and community feel and vibe - there's always someone dropping in for a coffee and a yell over the sounds of the roaster! Our business is always product first - and looking after our wholesale cafe clients with equipment, training and general we-got-you support - but we are looking forward to bringing our take on hospitality to the community to the Eyre Peninsula, and bringing that love we have for a decent cup of coffee and a chat to more people.
Stay tuned and stay caffeinated xx 
We like working with like-minded businesses and chill people - want to work with or alongside us? Hit us up
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