It’s been a ride. This year especially and for so many people in our community - it’s been trying. Covid has changed so much…and yet there’s been a resilience that’s shone through all the gloop.

The coffee world is different. And we’re different. Like so many of our valued Eyre Roasted drinkers, the strangeness of the past couple years has meant people have been forced to work from home, and little daily habits have helped to fuel us through the day - to help sustain the normality in our lives, amidst all the unknown. 

Coffee is a ritual, that has stood the test of covid times. It's still the glue that brings us together, however that may be. Subscription services and online ordering have ensured that you can still get your hands on your fave brew. Resilience and innovation are redefining the way the world trades.

Speaking of trading, the worlds biggest exporter of coffee; Brazil, were feeling pretty concerned when they began experiencing a considerable drought throughout its usual wet season this year. Brazil's stress was compounded by frosts and the additional shipping strains that many businesses are feeling.

During this years drought, some of the biggest coffee farms on the planet received under half of the usual rainfall they were expecting - dramatically reducing the seasons all important harvest.

Here at Eyre Roasted we feel pretty darn lucky that in the current climate and with the challenges the industry has faced, that we are still roasting and producing amazing coffee. Throughout the lock downs, and various restrictions that were imposed, we were were still able to push through volume - into the cafes, supermarkets, and your home set ups along our gorgeous Eyre Peninsula coast and beyond. Thanks so much for your continued support of the coffee roasting industry and a special heartfelt thanks from us.



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